And She Fell In Love All Again!




 Love doesn’t need ” I LOVE YOU ” all the time.

Clock was ticking 3’o… There was a peaceful silence everywhere except some occasional scribbling noise . There was totally dark in the house except their study room.  He woke up and went to the study room. She was still working there.

He: Honey, its too late. Don’t you have to sleep?

She: I have some unfinished work, you go and sleep.

But he was still standing at the door and looking at her.

She: what?

He: Lets go to bed…Bahot kaam kar liya!

She(smiling): tum nahi manoge na?!

He: Nopes.

She: bahot ziddi ho!

He(smiling): I know.

She: Okay, 10 more minutes…I will come…you go.

He: I am waiting here for 10 finish your work.

She(nodding  and smiling): thik hai baba..I am done..I am coming.

She started packing her things up. Suddenly He came close to her chair, sat on his knees…hold her face in his both hands and kissed her gently.

She: I..

He: shhh..!

And keep his finger on her lips.

He: Do you know how beautiful you are?

Her eyes were twinkling.

She: Yes.. I do.

Both laughed…and they looked into each others eyes for a while, then he lifted her in his arms and started walking towards the bedroom. Her eyes were looking at him , overflowing with  love…and that love came out in form of tears. She was wondering how lucky she was!

In those few moments those unfinished pages on the table blushed a little , after all they had found a new story , yet again. A new chapter waiting to be drafted and read by million of her fans .

And also in those few steps from study room to their bed room, she realized that the boy with whom she had fallen in love  7 years ago…now has become  the man  of her life. And in that moment , she fell in love with him all again.


Yes…You are LUCKY!

Sometimes, some incidents push you to think hard!

One day somewhere in the last month, it was nearly 3’o clock in the afternoon and I was sitting in my room. Suddenly I saw something from my window that forced me to think. There was construction going on beside my apartment, as I saw lot of workers and labourers were working there. They were full of sweat but still doing their job. You may ask what is new in that. It’s their job to do. But here’s the thing .The clock was already flashing 3’o and sun was doing his job seriously. If we went out there, our skin might have burnt. And when they were working there in almost 45 degrees, I was busy thinking in my AC room, why I don’t have a bigger car?

So that is our problem. We don’t know how blessed we really are or to put in different words the lucky we are.  Being able to read this article itself makes you LUCKY! Because There are so many people in the world without sight. To be able to hold the Cell phone, You need LUCK ! Because there are handicapped people also out there.

Just look around Buddy ! We always see beggars at every traffic signal. They can’t even afford a proper healthy meal in a day and here we are crying for not having chinese food for dinner? Seriously!! In the newspapers we read daily about horrible terrorist attacks around the world. Now think. If you are safe and Alive, you are damn lucky!

For Most of us “life is not fair to me” is a tag mark. Come on  man ! What is your scale to measure the fairness of life? You don’t get always what you WANT. That’s it! There are so many people who can’t even get what they really NEED! And We also forget that religious places are for getting PEACE not for demanding it. But we usually go there with our list of complains and demands. God has many important works to do rather than listening to our financial problem or helping us in exam! So STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT EACH AND EVERY THING IN LIFE!

Do you ever think how many orphanage are full of kids in the country? Do you ever think how many old age home are full of people? If you are not one of those people, think at least once before complaining about your children or if you are not one of those kids, think once before complaining about your parents.

We always cry out loud about our sorrow and our pain but do we ever think of those people who have lot more problems to solve and lot more pain to suffer? Life is not always going to be fair with us. But this complaining nature lead us far away from those who are really important in our life.

कभी कभी जिंदगी में हम जो दूर है उसे पाने की कोशिश में, जो पास है उसकी परवाह करना भूल जाते है |

(Sometimes in life we are busy running after what we want, we forget to value what we already have.)

So instead of complaining what you want, value the things which you have in your life. And Always be grateful for what you have got so far.




“A day alone in “Munsiyari”-a small and a remote hill station in Uttarakhand. I am writing this from my hotel room, but I don’t think I can explain it perfectly what I am feeling right now. Anyway Let’s  give it try…

It was great, awesome, unique, out of the box experience for me. I  had never traveled alone before. But this time situations were little different and destiny made this for me.

Today I am extremely pleased that  I can’t explain in words. Nature, God, Creator whatever we call it, is spectacular. So this is what happened. Today evening I was walking down from a temple located at a height of some 2-3 kms from the hotel. When I was coming back, it was raining, I was so close to the clouds that I could touch them. On my way, I was continuously laughing,  wondering ,smiling and was being grateful for this life all of sudden. If someone would have seen me like that on road he/she would have judged me to be a mental patient. But who cares?!

I felt some kind of energy surround me. There was something very powerful that opened the door of my inner happiness. I don’t even know why that happened to me but now I know one thing for sure that some energy exists. Name it god or creator, it doesn’t matter because it exists and it is beyond our imagination. And I am thankful for that experience.”

(27th May 2016)

I had written this last month on my trekking trip. I wanted to share my great experience but to do so I can’t explain it now and that is why I put whole thing which I have written that day as it is.

Now your question would be Why I was so happy and acting  mad. The reason is “NATURE” which is surrounding us but we never bother to look into it.

I was lucky because there was no internet on hill station and no other electronic devices like TV were working. Most importantly I was alone far away from my home, far away from loudness of my routine, far way from my “usual me”. First time in my life I had seen clouds were touching me.. I could feel the breeze…I could actually breath…

It is not necessary that there is always some specific reason behind our happiness. As I said I was laughing but I cannot express it in words. Because it is something which you have to feel it yourself.


We all are busy in our day to day life, we don’t have time for break… we don’t have time to sit and think about all these wonders of nature. Here I want to say is, this routine will never allow you to travel, to do such things which you had never done before. So don’t make excuses about not having time and steal some time and go somewhere… explore…live…

“We should travel not to escape life, But for life not to escape us.” 

So before it’s too late, before technology turns you into a robot, start giving reminder to yourself that you are still alive, you can still feel…so TAKE TIME AND TAKE OFF.

And one more thing, what your happiness worth if you don’t have someone to share with. We have always been taught that true friends are those who would stay at our side when things go WRONG! right? But for me it’s not friendship it’s just selfishness. True friends are those who would be equally happy in your happiness also, who can also feel the same thing by telling them. You may ask why am I writing all these ? Because that day when I felt that awesomeness, I also came to know that I do have some people in my life who will be there when things go RIGHT!

So come out in the world…see wonders…feel it and who knows you may also find some true friends like I did.






 In today’s world, success means everything ,Everyone want to succeed, Everyone want to become something, want to become different from others. Everyone has desires in life…

They want to fulfill their desires, BUT they need one thing..“INSPIRATION”. We all know today most selling books are of inspiration or motivation…Many people attains inspirational  seminars and all that.There are some who also sees “being an inspirational Speaker” as career objective.

WHY??? Because people need this. People are getting addicted to this, It is Human Psychology…for example if I want to do something, I might not put my 100% until some other person come and say”Ohh… You can do this”.  Because we need some other person to tell us What can we do? I mean WHY?


There is always one voice come from inside you who continuously keeps telling you “Yes You can”…But  नहीं   दूसरे  बोलेंगे  तभी  मानेंगे!

It may look like I am against getting inspire or against all those materials which help us to get inspire… BUT  No , it’s not like that ,I also read this kind of books…but here I want to say, These all are  optional things…Don’t make it Essential…Its good to get inspire ..but don’t always rely on that…Because its temporary thing…once you got inspire by someone/something ,then you have to carry that inspiration with you by yourself all alone. If you get nervous somtime..You can’t just call someone and ask “वो  भैया  ज़रा  INSPIRE   होना  था! थोड़ी  स्पीच  दे  देंगे!!” Yes, sometimes books do this for us. But how many times?? In life there will be many stages come where you will not find anyone to tell you what can you do or motivates you…that time you have to push yourself…that time you have to tell yourself that YES I CAN.

That doesn’t mean that stop listening to those inspirational speaker or don’t read those books…But If you analyse any successful person’s life, you will find there is inspiration behind this success BUT more than inspiration there is ACTION…there is KARMA.

There is difference between “Getting Inspire” and “After getting   inspire, you do something”. I have seen many people who get easily excited by some big personality…and they suddenly accept their views , But I have known very few people who actually apply those things in his/her life.SO you have to apply all those stuff in your life…You cant get success by just getting inspire…you have to take action.

Besides all this There is one famous quote

                                 “SELF MOTOVATION IS THE BEST MOTIVATION”

There is always inspiration lies within you,take moment and look will  find that.Stop finding that  outside in the world.. Life itself is big inspiration…just look around you in the nature…it also inspires…you don’t need to find…you just need to observe….

There is one more thing which I want to tell that Everyone like praises…it  is obvious thing .After completing  your work or after achieving something  why  we always wait for someone to tell us “Ohh You done well”…Why We are not telling this to ourselves “YES I DID IT”.My father always tells me “લોકો  કહે  કેં  ના  કહે  પણ  હમેશા  પોતાનું  કામ  પૂરું  કાર્ય  પછી  પોતાની  પીઠ  થાબડવી.”

Recently in ICC World 20-20 2016…There is one awesome tag line

      “यहाँ  MIRACLE   का  WAIT  नहीं  करते  ,यहाँ  अपना  MIRACLE बनना  पड़ता  है! “

So Don’t wait for things to happen and also don’t wait for someone to tell you WHAT CAN YOU DO! Make it happen by yourself only! And…

                    “MAKE YOUR MIRACLE”

जिंदगी में…

कविता लिखने का एक प्रयास

“जिंदगी में जब से है तू आई ,
फिर से जिंदगी जीना सिख गया|
सांस तो पहले भी लेता था में ,
अब उसे महसूस करना सिख गया|
कागज और कलम तो थे पहले से ही,
अब उससे कुछ लिखना सिख गया|
दुसरो को तो पहले भी खुश रखता था में,
अब खुद खुश रहना सिख गया|
बाते तो रोज़ होती थी मेरी रब से,
अब उन बातो में किसी के लिए दुआ मांगना सिख गया|
जिंदगी में जब से है तू आई,
फिर से जिंदगी जीना सिख गया||”

ક્યાં છે તું?

આજે મારે એને કઈ કેહવું છે જેને મને  બોલવા માટે જીહ્વા અને લખવા માટે હાથ આપ્યા…

ક્યાં છે તું?  કેટલા સાદ પાડ્યા તને મેં… શામ્ભલતો નથી તું મારું હમણા , તને શોધવાના પણ પ્રયત્નો કર્યા મેં, ઘણા લોકો ને પૂછ્યું તારા વિષે ,પણ બધા મુર્ખાઓ કઈ જાણતા જ નથી .જયારે હું કોઈ ને તારા વિષે પુછુ છું તો એ ખબર નહિ ,કોઈ બીજા વિષે વાતો કરવા લાગે છે. મારા માટે તો તું મારા જેવો જ છે અને એ બધા લોકો માટે તું કોઈ અલગ જ પ્રાણી, હું જેવા તારા સ્વરૂપ ને ઓળખું છું એ કઈ સોદાબાજી નથી કરતો.પણ એ લોકો મને કહે છે કે જો મેં વ્રત નાં કર્યું કે પછી આટલી વાર માળા ન ફેરવી કે તને મળવા છેક મંદિર ન ગયો તો તું રૂઠી જઈશ …કેવા લોકો છે ને બધા!!અને એ પાછા તને મનાવશે પણ ખરા, પ્રાયશ્ચિત કરીને! જો હું તને પેહ્લે થી જ કહી દઉં છું મારા થી આવું કઈ નહિ થાય ,એટલે મારી સામે રુઠવાનું  તો રેહવા જ દેજે,   ઝાઝો ભાવ નહિ ખાતો…કારણ કે હું જેને ઓળખું છું એની માટે  કઈ ભૂખ્યું રેહવું પડે નહિ,એ તો સામે થી થાળી ભરી જમાડે એવો છે…પણ શું કરવું?આ બધા માણસો એ જ તને માથે ચડાવ્યો છે. અને તું પાછો માણસો નાં ભ્રમ દુર કરતો નથી …જો આમ જ ચાલ્યું ને તો તારા સાચા રૂપ ને કોઈ દિવસ લોકો જોઈ નહિ શકે! કારણ કે અત્યારે પણ માણસો એ તારા પર એટલા આવરણો ચડાવી દીધા છે કે તું તો દેખાતો જ બંધ થઇ ગયો છે..! એને દેખાય છે કોઈ બીજો જ.. એટલે જ હું કહું છું હવે લોકો ને અંધારામાં ન રાખ.

પણ હા! તારો પણ વાંક નથી , તું કદાચ સામે આવી પણ જઈશ તો આ મુર્ખાઓ તને ઓળખી નહિ શકે.કારણ કે એ તો કોઈ બીજા ને જ પૂજે છે, તારા સાચા રૂપ નો પ્રકાશ કદાચ કોઈ ન સહન કરી શકે…પણ હવે હું તો અધીર છું ભાઈ …મને આ લોકો સાથે નથી ભળવું ,નહીંતર હું પણ આજ ભ્રમ માં જીંદગી વિતાવી નાખીશ અને ક્યારેય હું તારા સાચા સ્વરૂપ ને નહિ જોઈ શકુ! એટલે જ તો ક્યારનો સાદ પાડું છું, કે ક્યાં છે તું????? 

New Experience

I use to write things like quotes,small poetry,letters n many more.Generally I keep those things in my diary only..But few days ago one of my close friend who read all my these stuff advised me to start a blog..connect with people..share your own views and opinions  with all.So finally I have decided to take a new step into this world of blogs and explore it.For this Thanks to my friend… Hope It would be great Experience!